The Canfora Home

The Canfora Family
Charlottesville, VA

Conforma front  (2000x1126)Year Built: 1928
Square Footage: 2,100
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2

Two story masonry home with full basement
Electric Heat Pumps

Projected Energy Savings: 25%

Their Story

As an architecture professor at UVa, Anselmo Canfora knew how important it was to do things right in his home. So where did he start? With a complete home energy assessment followed by implementing all of the energy-saving recommendations. He also was adamant about lowering his carbon footprint as much as was feasible. He then considered adding a renewable heat source in the form of wood heat into the mix and has plans to install solar on the new roof. He tastefully resurrected the Italian villa style home and enhanced the arched windows and entryway. The house has actually been tightened below the ventilation guidelines, and he has installed LEDs through out to further lower his electric bill.

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

1. Couldn’t get house above 65 degrees when 32 degrees or below outside 

3. Living room was always colder than other rooms in the house

4. Stratification issues

5. House about twice as leaky as it needed to be.


Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

1. Treated small attached crawl, foamed rim joist and insulated all basement walls

2. New metal roof that was conditioned with foam and bath fans vented to exterior

3. All new windows and energy efficient front door with sidelights

4. New Jotul wood stove with insulated liner that was integrated with heat pumps

5. All duct work sealed, some asbestos removed and CO units installed



Weatherseal Insulation

ACME stove

Greer Associates