Johnson Home: First-time homeowner scores big savings

The Johnson Family
City of Charlottesville

Johnson Cville home ss April 2015Year Built:  1920
Square Footage: 960
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1

Compact two story over a crawlspace
Previous: ancient natural gas wall heater
Current: Minisplit

Projected Energy Savings: 44%

His Story:

As the proud owner of his first home, John Johnson was curious about its energy use. About a week after his initial Home Energy Check-Up, he decided he liked what he heard from LEAP’s Energy Coach and decided to get a comprehensive home energy assessment (a.k.a. “audit”) and work towards a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR certificate. Working from home he had concerns about the ancient wall furnace just feet from his desk and was not thrilled about putting and taking out window AC units every year.  The house was well-suited for the transition to a minisplit unit that, along with treating the home’s attic and crawlspace, has led to 40%+ efficiency gains.


Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

1. Very old in-wall gas furnace

2. Leaky and poorly insulated attic area

3. Leaky crawlspace with poor vapor barrier

4. Crawl hatch in need of repair

5. Relied on window AC units


Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

1. Wall furnace changed out to energy efficient high SEER minisplit

2. Attic completely conditioned with open celled foam and hatch addressed

3. New 10 mil vapor barrier installed and all exterior walls foamed

4. Crawl hatch rebuilt weatherstripped and insulated

5. Two window AC units replaced by minisplit that utilizes stairway and central passive floor grate