Historic Home Finds Room for Improvement

Jane Fisher & Michael Bowles
Green Springs (Louisa County)

Year Built:  1770
Square Footage: 1860
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2

Farm house listed on the historic registry
Ground source heat pump

Projected Energy Savings: 30%

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Their Story

Jane Fisher and Michael Bowles found a gem when they purchased their 200-acre farm and house where Patrick Henry once resided, one of the most historic dwellings in Louisa County. But with history can come many energy efficiency challenges. Although there had been attic upgrades with the previous owners and the installation of a high efficiency ground source heat pump, they was plenty of room for improvement especially with the building envelope. They enlisted the help of LEAP’s Project Management team to oversee comprehensive insulation and air sealing fixes, and have a more comfortable home now aged — and improved — to perfection.

In Their Own Words

“Weatherseal was good to work with. The house seems quieter, and the ground source heat pump doesn’t run as much. Knowing LEAP was there and providing oversight was critical. We were happy with the whole process.”

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

  • One of the oldest houses in the county, was reroofed several years ago but no air sealing was undertaken
  • Most of the exterior walls were never insulated and the house was about eight times leakier than it needed to be
  • A company had insulated the floors which put all of the distribution system outside the building envelope
  • There were five crawl hatches, two vents and a basement door that were never addressed
  • High bills and comfort issues despite the high efficiency HVAC system

Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

  • Vapor barrier was sealed better to foundation walls and all exterior walls conditioned with 2” closed cell foam
  • All openings in the crawlspace were sealed and the basement door repaired and completely addressed
  • All exterior walls were densed packed from the exterior with 3 ½” of cellulose
  • Six concealed knee wall areas on the corners of the roofs were accessed and completely densed packed
  • Leakage overall was reduced by close to 37%



LEAP served as the General Contractor on this job through our Project Management service.


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