Solarize NOVA (Vienna) gives longtime clean energy champion a chance to go solar

Susan Stillman
Vienna, Virginia


Solarize NOVA (Vienna) 2015

Solar installer: Prospect Solar

Year built: 1963

Size of installation: 6 kW

Q&A with Happy Solarize Clients

Did you get a Home Energy Check-Up? 

I had already had a full home energy audit so a walk through was not warranted.

Why did you decide to explore your solar potential and sign up to participate in the Solarize NOVA program? 

I’ve wanted to have solar energy for a long time.  I’m well educated on the draw backs to fossil fuel and nuclear generated energy.  They are all polluting from extraction to burning to disposal.  We have to move away from these fuels to clean renewable energy for our personal health and the health of the earth.

Several years ago I looked at solar PV.  It was much more expensive and much less efficient.  I was told that because of my large maple tree on the west side of my house solar wouldn’t work for me.  I was quite surprised that I could have an effective solar installation.  Solar PV has become much more efficient since I first looked into it and the advent of micro inverters have made having a partially shaded an okay thing and some shade no longer makes your roof ineligible.

What did you think of the Solarize NOVA process? 

I thought it was very well done.  To have pre-negotiated contracts and a discount based on a group buy makes purchasing solar so much simpler than having to vet the suppliers yourself.

What was your experience working with LEAP? 

Very good.

What was your experience working with your installer?


Why did you ultimately decide to sign your contract? 

If I didn’t get solar I’d be writing a check to Dominion Power for the rest of my life.  With solar I write a minimal check and, in the non-too distant future, I’ll have free electricity from my solar panels.

What benefits are you seeing now as a result of your brand new solar system? 

A much reduced bill from Dominion Power.

Would you recommend Solarize to neighbors?

I’ve still got my solar installers sign up in my yard.  I’m happy to talk to anyone about solar and how good it makes me feel.