Energy Assessments

Home Energy Check-Up ˇ

A survey of your home’s energy use and appliance efficiency for City of Charlottesville residents. $45.

Available to City of Charlottesville residents only in partnership with the City of Charlottesville. During our 2-hour visit, you’ll get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, the advice of one of LEAP’s certified Residential Building Analysts, a blower door test, an infrared camera scan (weather permitting–there needs to be at least a 10 degree difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures) and installation of FREE energy efficient products such as LED light bulbs, smart power strip, pipe insulation, water saving showerheads and faucet aerators, and more — plus a checklist of additional energy saving improvements for your home.

LEAP offers this program to help homeowners realize immediate savings on their energy bills as a result of the complementary energy-saving products that are part of the program: LEDs, pipe wrap for hot water pipes, and smart power strips may be installed during your visit.

The Home Energy Check-Up is $45.

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Appalachian Power Home Performance Assessment ˇ

LEAP offer’s Appalachian Power’s Home Performance Assessment to residential Appalachian Power customers free of charge.

The Home Performance Assessment provides you with:

  • An on-site assessment of your energy use
  • A report which contains cost-effective options and recommendations to help you reduce your energy use
  • Financial incentives that cover approved measures
  • Connections to qualified contractors who can perform energy efficiency upgrades
  • Installation of simple, low-cost energy saving measures including:
    • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs
    • Efficient aerators and showerheads
    • Energy-saving measures for electric water heaters

Home Energy Audit ˇ

Offers a much more in-depth exam that’s crafted just for your home, starting at $375.

A comprehensive home energy audit covers every square inch of your home, wall-to-wall, room-by-room, including crawl space, attic, and garage. It utilizes the blower door test and can sometimes involve a thermographic or “infrared” inspection. It includes vital health and safety components like testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks and checking for mold and mildew. Overall, the comprehensive energy assessment is a very personal, tailored service designed to make your home more affordable and livable. It is at the heart of what LEAP is all about, and it’s the preferred evaluation option for homeowners interested in deeply improving their energy efficiency.

A home energy audit typically includes:

  • Thorough analysis of the house, wall-to-wall, room-by-room
  • Attic inspection
  • Basement/Crawl space inspection
  • Blower Door Test (whole-home air leakage, the biggest homeowner “aha!” moment)
  • Health and Safety Testing (gas leaks / carbon monoxide / backdrafting risk)
  • Diagnostic testing (air leakage, duct leakage)
  • Identifies issues specific to your home
  • Recommends personalized solutions for your home
  • Infrared camera inspection
  • A detailed report including return-on-investment calculations

Starting at $375
Call LEAP to schedule, 434-227-4666.

Home Performance Consulting ˇ

A one-on-one with LEAP centered on specific energy questions about your home for $99 an hour.

Since 2010 LEAP’s professional building scientists have helped more than 4,500 central and northern Virginia residents devise and execute plans to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable and to integrate solar power. We tailor solutions based on individual needs and budgets.  Our client relations staff help homeowners identify rebates and low- to no-interest financing and connect them with vetted contractors to perform the work. We’ve logged hundreds of training hours to maintain our credentials and keep current in the most effective new technologies.

Our expert staff are available for inspections, testing, infrared camera scans, and consultations on any energy project for your building — energy efficiency or solar.

Call LEAP to schedule, 434-227-4666.

Commercial Building Assessments ˇ

LEAP’s residentially based practice reoriented for your business. Priced on an individual basis.

We bring clean energy solutions to your business, too.

LEAP is well known for our work with 7,000+ homeowners, but did you know we bring the same expertise and support to commercial property owners who want to lower operating costs? Energy conservation is the most cost-effective way to reduce energy bills. Not only that, any energy-efficiency measure is also a CO2 reduction measure.

LEAP’s turn-key program can reduce your energy usage and the associated costs. Results: more profitability and enhanced public image.

We offer businesses presentations, one-on-one consultations, walk-through energy assessments, benchmarking, qualified contractors, financing resources, and support for renewable energy solutions. For City of Charlottesville businesses, please visit

Some of the local businesses that have worked with LEAP to date:

  • Covenant School (lower school campus)
  • Mudhouse Coffee Shop (Downtown Mall)
  • Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville
  • Jean Theory
  • McCallum and Kudravetz Law Firm
  • Alloy Workshop
  • University Montessori
  • Cedars Court
  • Fork Union Baptist Church
  • Innisfree Village
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church (Rugby Road, Charlottesville)
  • On Our Own
  • Barrett Early Learning Center

“LEAP has played an integral role in helping Alloy to reach our energy efficiency and sustainability goals. From coordinating energy rebates during the renovation of our new office space to acting as a catalyst and supporter in the Better Business Challenge, LEAP helped us to save energy and reduce costs, an outcome that’s good for business and the environment!” Alloy Workshop

“Like many older buildings, it was time for us to overhaul our heating and cooling systems. There were literally some days we could not use portions of our building because they were either too hot or too cold. It just made a lot of common sense and while the immediate issue was energy savings, we not only enhanced our sustainability – we made the classrooms far more comfortable. It’s a better learning environment for our kids.” – Dr. Mo Gaffney, Headmaster, Covenant Lower School