Project Management

You can trust LEAP to make your home energy improvements worry-free from start to finish

Since 2010 LEAP’s professional building scientists have helped more than 4,500 devise and execute plans to make their homes more energy efficiency and comfortable based on individual needs and budgets. homeowners since 2010 with the process of making their homes more energy efficient. Our client relations staff has been helping homeowners identify rebates and low to no interest financing, and connecting them with our network of professional contractors who can perform the work. We’ve answered lots of questions about the process over the years – these are some of the most frequently asked:

1. Which contractor should I work with?
2. Should I start with the insulation, or should I call the heating & cooling contractor—when should I do what?
3. What should I expect? Do I really want to tackle this on my own?

Now we’re putting our experience and expertise to work directly for you.

LEAP’s in-house Project Management Service takes the uncertainty out of home energy improvement projects.

What LEAP offers:

  • Comprehensive assessment of opportunities to improve your home’s comfort, durability and efficiency
  • Solutions tailored to your budget and home
  • Scheduling and overseeing all of the work to ensure that everything goes smoothly
  • The best subcontractors, vetted by us over the years, many with advanced building training
  • Diagnostic health, safety and efficiency tests before and after the work is complete
  • The chance to earn LEAP’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR certificate, shown to improve resale value and reduce time on the market

Check out some examples of our Project Management clients:

Think of our Project Management Service as a nonprofit general contractor dedicated to making energy efficiency improvements easy and affordable for you.

Give us a call at 434-227-4666 or schedule your initial consultation (in the form of a Home Energy Check-Up) online. One of LEAP’s Energy Coaches can come out and assess your home, and walk you through the next steps and Project Management Service options so that your home energy improvement project is worry-free.

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