home performance with ENERGY STAR


The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program and Certificate is your key to a healthier, more comfortable home that is at least 20% more efficient. Enjoy greater comfort and add real value to your investment. Learn more.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a national program tied to the ENERGY STAR label with which most homeowners are familiar – the one that helps them choose appliances that use less energy and cost less to run. Since 2002, more than 200,000 homeowners nationwide have improved their homes’ efficiency with comprehensive “whole-house” solutions to enhance comfort indoor air quality, while reducing energy bills.

As a result, their homes are warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, healthier places to breathe, more valuable, and more affordable to operate all year.

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Get started with LEAP’s simple 4-step process for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program:

 Step 1: Evaluate
An evaluation of your home’s issues is an important part of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. This in-home visit includes looking for poor insulation, duct issues, air leakage, equipment and appliance condition, window integrity, and moisture & indoor air quality concerns. We’ll also help you understand the health, comfort and cost implications of your home’s condition. You’ll receive a list of potential upgrades so a local Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor can prepare an estimate for you.

Step 2: Finance
Rebates, low- or no-interest loans, and tax credits may be available depending on your area and the work to be done. We can help find options that best fit your needs and budget.

Step 3: Transform
A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor performs the work you select. LEAP vets and works with only trusted, licensed contractors who consistently meet the highest installation standards. We then provide quality assurance checks to ensure that all work meets your specifications and satisfaction.

Step 4: Certify
An independent expert reviews the completed work to ensure its quality and then issues the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Certificate.

Learn more and get started.