Thank you for your donation to LEAP’s Community Power Plant Fund.

Together we will build a Community Power Plant that looks like this. A thriving community. Healthy, comfortable homes. Lower energy bills. Higher home values. Happy families. Strong businesses.

photo credit: Jack Looney

Community Power Plant: a thriving community
photo credit: Jack Looney


2,000 homes is our foundation. 

LEAP has already helped 2,000 homeowners with home energy upgrades in recent years. That has meant 13 GWh of power not used — the equivalent of taking 460 homes off the grid.

THAT is the Community Power Plant. Your donation will ensure that these numbers continue to rise.

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Community Power Plant: happy families




Other ways to get involved:

  • If your home isn’t part of that 2,000-home foundation, get started today. Sign up for a Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP or take our quick online survey and enroll (not cost or commitment) in our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.
  • There’s also a great article from Energy Efficiency Markets written by central Virginia resident Elisa Wood that dives deeper into the notion of virtual power plants like the one we’re building.

“No one likes to admit it, but we’ve all got a little NIMBY in us.  Energy is a good thing, yes, but Not in My Backyard. Power plants just aren’t pretty. That’s why it’s intriguing to see Charlottesville, Virginia – my backyard – on the cutting-edge of a new approach: the virtual power plant, one that you cannot see, smell, hear or touch. That’s right, it’s invisible.” (Elisa Wood, Energy Efficiency Markets)