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LEAP and Albemarle Heating & Air are offering a special opportunity to residents in the Raintree, Woodbrook, Fieldbrook, Westmoreland, Still Meadow, Carrsbrook, and Northfields neighborhoods March 24-28th. We are combining a Home Energy Check-up with a Heat Pump Tune-up to help you get the most energy savings and improved comfort from your home.

Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP combines our Healthy and Efficient Home Evaluation with a Dominion Home Energy Check-up complete with complimentary energy-saving products so you can immediately save energy and money. Available only to Dominion customers, you’ll get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, the advice of one of LEAP’s Energy Coaches, and installation of energy efficient products such as CFL lightbulbs, pipe insulation, door weatherization (if appropriate with the materials we keep in stock) and more — plus a checklist of additional energy saving measures for your home.

A Heat Pump Tune-up performed by Albemarle Heating & Air is an excellent way to improve the efficiency and prolong the life of your existing equipment. The tune-up will ensure your unit is clean and has good air flow, which in turn allows for better temperature and humidity control. More comfort! Albemarle Heating & Air has been a LEAP participating contractor since 2010. They specialize in service, retail and replacement of residential and commercial installations.Albemarle Heating & Air’s customers have the benefit of their wide range of services including IAQ studies, energy audits, moisture control and building science investigations. LEAP is proud to offer this pilot program with Albemarle Heating & Air!

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Details and Fine Print:

  • Available only to Dominion Virginia Power customers. All homes must be single-family residential and side-by-side condos or townhomes. Stacked condos and townhomes, as well as apartments, mobile homes, and homes built after 2009 do not qualify for this program.
  • The value of this package is estimated at up to $375 in goods, services, savings, and professional advice, but because LEAP and Albemarle Heating & Air are Participating Contractors in the Dominion’s energy conservation instant rebate programs, our price to homeowners is only $75.
  • If you have an existing maintenance agreement with another local HVAC company, you are not eligible for the Heat Pump Tune-Up, but we’d be happy to perform the Home Energy Check-up at our normal $45 price. Just choose “Check-Up $45” service when you click “Get Scheduled.”
  • If you use oil, propane, or natural gas to heat your home, only a second floor heat-pump would qualify for this service.
  • This service includes a maintenance tune-up of your existing heat pump equipment. If you have more than one heat pump, the appointment will take a full two hours. Please choose a 3:00 pm time slot if you have two units.
  • Your Service Technician will inspect your heat pump and make recommendations to improve efficiency. For example, he will inspect the heat pump’s thermostat, air filter and refrigerant level to make sure they are operating at an optimal level. If your technician finds that your unit is not operating properly, or if there are signs of condensation or refrigerant leakage, or excessively dirty units, he will provide an estimate for repairs and there may be additional cost. If you choose not to make the repairs, you will not be eligible for the instant rebate.
  • Your LEAP energy coach will be Chris Crehan and your service technician from Albemarle Heating & Air will be Ryan Janson. These energy services professionals will schedule your Check-up in a two-hour block, though most take about 90 minutes.

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