step 1: self-assess

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ENE_HM_h_c(1)Have you heard about LEAP’s home energy programs but are not sure if they’re something your house needs?

You can get started with LEAP and home energy upgrades at no cost and with no commitment in just 5 minutes. How? Take our free online home energy survey.

What’s in it for you? A free, instant report that has valuable information on what improvements your home is likely ready for, how much money and energy you can save, and how your home compares to other similar homes.

The survey is how you enroll in LEAP’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. There is no commitment on your part, but if you decide to move forward with home energy upgrades we use the information from the survey to best direct your course of action. You can always take the survey anonymously and just use the report for your own edification.

Since utility bills are not needed to complete the questionnaire, you’re just a few minutes away from our useful report.

Do your self-assessment now!