healthy + efficient home evaluation

We’re all familiar with yearly inspections and checkups – we get them for our cars, teeth, blood pressure and a host of other things. Why? Because our health and safety and those we care about is important to us. We also understand that identifying a small problem early on can save us a lot of money and worry from dealing with a bigger problem down the road.sick kid healthy homes

The Healthy + Efficient Home Evaluation is to your house what a checkup is to your body, and it includes a focus on the health and safety of your home with respect to indoor air quality. Did you know that many energy improvements improve indoor air quality through air and duct sealing, proper ventilation, and the elimination of moisture issues?

Energy efficient buildings are healthier buildings too. For families in particular, this can mean lower health care costs for those whose homes act as a trigger for asthma, allergies, or other respiratory illnesses resulting from mold growing unseen in the home, low-level carbon monoxide backdrafting, or gas leaks.

 What’s Involved?

During a Healthy + Efficient Home Evaluation your Energy Advisor will perform a walkthrough assessment of the interior and exterior of your home, evaluating opportunities for cost effective energy improvements. In particular, they also look for moisture issues and how air is vented, ducted and otherwise moves through the home.

Professional diagnostic testing for carbon monoxide back drafting and gas leaks from gas-fired appliances is also available and strongly recommended. If you have a furnace or gas water heater, examine the metal flue that vents combustion air from the top of it – if you see no signs of a small metal plug in the flue, then you also see no sign that the equipment has ever been testing for carbon monoxide back drafting. Truthfully folks, you would be surprised to know how many homes we visit that have significant, if not serious, issues with this very dangerous gas spilling back into living (and breathing) space.

Please note that this one hour evaluation is a lower cost option to learn about energy and indoor air quality issues particular to your home. While you will get a prioritized checklist, it does not include a comprehensive report, workscope, or estimate for improvements. LEAP or one of our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors can assist you with a comprehensive assessment or in getting an estimate should your evaluation suggest either as a next step.

How Do I Get One?

To learn more or to make an appointment for a Healthy + Efficient Home Evaluation, you can call us today at 434.227.4666 or complete our online home energy survey and by doing so enroll in our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program (free to enroll, no obligation, and you get access to information on discounts and rebates only available to ENERGY STAR clients).