Energy Audit

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A comprehensive home energy audit covers every square inch of your home, wall-to-wall, room-by-room, including crawl space, attic, and garage.  It utilizes the blower-door-test and can sometimes involve a thermographic or “infrared” inspection. It includes vital health and safety components like testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks and checking for mold and mildew. Overall, the comprehensive energy assessment is a very personal, tailored service with the end goal to make your home a more affordable and livable space. It is at the heart of what LEAP is all about, and it’s the preferred evaluation option for HPwES participants.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Energy Assessment

• Thorough analysis of the house, wall-to-wall, room-by-room

• Attic Inspection

• Basement / Crawlspace Inspection

Blower-Door Test (Biggest homeowner “aha!” moment institgator!)

• Health and Safety Testing (mold / gas leaks / carbon monoxide)

• Diagnostic testing (air leakage, duct leakage)

• Identifies issues specific to your home

• Recommends personalized solutions for your home

Infrared inspection and heat image testing (optional)