Financing Options for Energy Improvements

Green Matters Workshop at Home and Garden Festival

Sunday, April 14, 2013

1:30-2:30 PM

Presented by Rebecca Cardwell, UVACCU & Lesley Crowther Fore, LEAP


Homeowners in the Charlottesville area are in a unique position to address the energy efficiency of their home the right way with an a nonprofit dedicated to helping them make the most cost-effective improvements to decrease their energy usage while making their homes more comfortable and safer to live in. LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program) also helps homeowners bundle rebates and tax credits to help pay for the work. Area residents also have access to a great financing option for making those improvements—the PowerSaver loan, offered by the University of Virginia Community Credit Union (UVACCU). Learn about how the unique partnership between LEAP and the UVACCU to provide low-to-no cost financing and how the money you’ll be saving on your energy bills, bundled with rebates, tax credits and this low-cost financing can practically pay for your home energy efficiency improvements.