January 2012: The CAZ and Trends Part II

The CAZ and Trends Part II

Last month we examined the ten trends of construction techniques developed over the past five decades that have contributed to home performances problems and possible CAZ issues. The following are the corresponding solutions (in broad terms) that deal with these trends. The solutions are again are extracted from an article by John Tooley from a summer issue of “Good Cents Magazine” entitled “Ten Trends that can Spell Trouble”:

1. Tighter houses need to be insulated right, pressures controlled and ventilation installed.

2. Ventfree and ventless heaters – eliminate them and require dedicated ventilation to cook stoves.

3. More exhaust fans need – house to attic/crawl connections tightened, add measure flow and makeup air to offset pressures.

4. Lower vent gas temperatures – decouple from house air, ensure sealed combustion and power venting.

5. More forced air systems – seal duct systems and plan ventilation.

6. Fewer returns – ensure house and duct systems are air tight and insulated right, equipment is sized right.

7. Higher air handler flows – create return paths across interior walls.

8. Decompartmentalization of assemblies – actually direct framing strategies, block and air seal.

9. More is better – properly size HVAC equipment and insulation is installed with installation flaws: voids, compression, gaps, or intrusion.

10. Home is where the office is – install ventilation and assure all trends are designed for.
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