energy use pieThis graph shows the breakdown of energy use for the average U.S household. Interesting and informative, don’t you think? We’ve got tons of that here.

Consider our Energy Education Center a “cheat sheet” for everything home energy.  From “Top 10” lists of tips for every season to the “what to know and what to do” for the most common problems, we’ll get you up to speed so you can get your house up to snuff.

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Common issues:

spring weather tips  older insulation  hot/cold/drafty rooms  moisture + mold
summer weather tips  older appliances  leaky windows + doors  asthma + respiratory illness
fall weather tips  older HVAC  common upgrades  washer/dryer tips
winter weather tips  water efficiency  for professionals  smart power strips



Air, moisture, and heat can move through windows, doors, walls, attics, and basements.


A well sealed building envelope helps control the movement of air, moisture, and heat, making a house more energy efficient.










If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, our partners at the Department of Energy can take you a level deeper with these resources:

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• Download the Home Energy Saver’s booklet.

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