Donate to LEAP’s new EmPOWERment Campaign

Lower their energy bills. Raise our community. 

Your donation can help a local family in need save $500 on energy costs every year.

LEAP-donate-now-web-button_webLEAP has helped more than 2,000 area homeowners reduce their energy bills, but just a small fraction of these have been the low-income households that struggle the most.  Lower energy bills shouldn’t be a luxury that only some of us in the Charlottesville area can afford.

Families at or near the poverty level often spend 25% of their total income on energy (as opposed to 7% for a non-poor family). That’s part of the whopping 94% of their income that goes to housing, food and home energy, leaving precious little for other basic needs like health care, clothing and transportation.

Our seniors are among the most vulnerable, with a typical social security income of around $16,000 per year. Families with children are also at risk of heartbreaking disruption if they cannot reliably keep the lights and heat on as the children might be referred to social services and removed to foster care until the situation is resolved.

The inability of a family to pay its energy bill is not the result of waste on their part. In fact, low-income households generally use about 20% less energy than the non-poor. Home energy improvements are simply outside of what they are able to afford, and financing is not an option.

EmPOWERment medications

This is where LEAP comes in and you can help.

In May 2014 we launched a campaign to raise $25,000 to provide a free Home Energy Check-up and basic weatherization (air sealing, weatherstripping doors and windows, pipe and duct sealing and insulation, etc) to 30 area families in need.Each family would receive this package of services valued at $845 and enjoy average energy savings of ~ $500 every year.

That’s $500 that could be spent on rent or house payments, medication, school supplies, clothing, car maintenance or bus passes. That’s $500 we’d see reinvested in our local economy.  That’s $500 that could make a tremendous difference in the life of a family and in our community.

That’s what we call Power for EmPOWERment. 

Together we can make the Charlottesville area a better place to live for all families, one energy bill at a time.

For more information email lesley@leap-va.org. Or simply donate today.