Because LEAP is here, more happens…

To promote safe and healthy homes, housing affordability, local jobs, quality of life, fight climate change, and improve the quality of our community, LEAP makes more happen. Since 2009, LEAP has become a local fixture in our community and has earned a place as an industry leader in Virginia.

Your direct financial support helps us continue this critical work. While some of our activities earn revenue, they do not cover all of the costs to fully maintain the organization and to effectively execute our mission. Energy efficiency and renewables do pay. But in Virginia, right now, the market signals aren’t aligned to give everyone the nudge they need to make their own investments in these technologies. LEAP is here to change those signals, to educate the market, and to redirect our economy towards clean energy.

Briefly, here’s what we do:

  • Install insulation, duct-sealing, and draft-stopping and more in the homes of your low-income, elderly, and disabled neighbors;
  • Organize “Solarize” campaigns in communities across Virginia to bring down the cost of installing PV technology on homes and businesses;
  • Perform walk-through and diagnostic energy audits in homes and businesses;
  • Work with local governments and other organizations to provide education and marketing that promote clean energy solutions;
  • Connect people and businesses to rebates and incentives;
  • Serve the public with unbiased expertise on energy efficiency technologies, solar power, best-in-class contractors, and more;
  • Occupy “ecoREMOD”, a deep energy retrofit of a 1920s-era bungalow in central Charlottesville, which provides a public demonstration home for numerous efficiency and renewable technologies;
  • Collaborate with organizations of all types to bring efficiency and renewable technologies and programs to their constituents; and
  • Connect with partners around the commonwealth to share best practices, measure impacts, and promote smart policies to further clean energy.

LEAP makes a difference.  You can help. Your tax-deductible donation helps keep this feisty, local non-profit alive and well to do this work across Virginia.