News: Where are America’s greenest buildings?

Ok, no surprise to see Washington, D.C. or San Francisco ranked high in a list of the cities with America’s greenest buildings. But Atlanta?

Georgia’s capital was the only southern state to make the top ten in the 2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, released July 15 by Clean Edge. The clean-tech research firm tracks the clean tech progress of the 50 largest metro areas and the 50 states.

“A good deal of Atlanta’s performance can be chalked up to the city’s green-building requirements, having passed an ordinance that all new city construction and major renovations must be Silver-LEED certified,” said Ron Pernick,  Clean Edge managing director.

Atlanta knocked out Milwaukee to take over the number ten spot in the green building ranking.

The South has been notoriously slow to pursue green technology. But Atlanta is different. This is not the first time the city made Clean Edge’s top 10 list.   It was number #8 in 2012, but then dropped to #12 in 2013, according to Pernick.

With the exception of Atlanta’s entry, the green building list showed little change over 2013. Clean Edge attributed the lack of change to the long lead times for new construction.

This year’s top spot went to Washington, D.C. , driven by efficiency efforts in federal buildings. Boston and Minneapolis also made the top ten. Otherwise  the usual suspects, Western cities, dominated the top slots: San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Sacramento. The five cities at the bottom of the green building list were: New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, Birmingham and Oklahoma City.

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