News: Energy efficient products top homeowner clean energy purchases

U.S. homeowners may swoon over solar, but it’s energy efficiency products they buy, according to national survey results issued today by Clean Edge and SolarCity.

Energy efficiency products account for the top five clean energy purchases households made in the past. That’s the world from a poll of 1,400 randomly selected households, which was conducted in January by Zogby Analytics.

Households also listed energy efficiency products as their top purchases planned for this year. Four energy efficiency products led the list.

LED light bulbs were number one for both past (56 percent) and future (27 percent) purchases.

Other clean energy products households expect to buy this year are: smart thermostat, 12 percent; Energy Star hot water heater, 9 percent; triple pane windows, 8 percent; hybrid car, 7 percent; home battery back-up power, 7 percent; home energy audit, 7 percent; efficient furnace, 7 percent; home solar energy system, 6 percent; electric vehicle, 4 percent and heat pump, 4 percent.

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