Guy Caroselli, Senior Technical Advisor, helps Fork Union Baptist Church

Guy Caroselli, Senior Technical Advisor, helps Fork Union Baptist Church

Increase your congregation’s health, comfort and savings.

As part of LEAP’s commercial program, we offer a variety of ways for your church or other faith-based instiution to:

  • lower utility bills
  • achieve better indoor air quality, comfort and performance
  • fulfill a stewardship mission
  • support church members with energy efficiency education and opportunities in their own homes

Start with our Benchmarking services where we analyze 24 months of utility bills to give you a benchmark score (comparing your church building’s energy use to others that are similar in size and scope) and roadmap for improvements.

We also can perform a Level 1 Energy Assessment.  The assessment takes about 1 1/2 hrs.  We like to focus on the building with the majority of your energy concerns.  Before the meeting we ask a series of preliminary questions to help focus our time.  We recommend the person(s) who knows the most about the facility, as well as at least one committee member and/or a decision-maker, come to the assessment walk-through.  Gathering 1-2 years worth of utility bills for us beforehand is very helpful.

We can do an Energy Treasure Hunt or Presentation with your congregation.

We can help coordinate a free lighting assessment. Lighting accounts for 46% of utility costs for churches, so we’ll calculate the potential savings from switching to more efficient lighting.

Learn more about these services in our commercial program overview or contact Teri Kent, LEAP’s Commercial Energy Outreach Coordinator at 434.466.5157 or

We have already worked with the following central Virginia churches: Buck Mountain Church, Church of Incarnation, Fork Union Baptist, Sojourners United Church of Christ, and Unity Church.

“LEAP’s energy audit offers valuable insights on how we can save energy and be better stewards of the Earth’s resources. LEAP doesn’t do a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They obtain feedback to fine tune the assessment. Based on my experience, I’d heartily recommend LEAP.” — Millie Fife, church administrator, Sojourners United Church of Christ


Energy Star has a guidebook and resources specifically for congregations.

Here are more links to faith-based organizations working on energy efficiency and stewardship:

Interfaith Power and Light (represents more than 14,000 congregations)

Evangelical Environmental Network

Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE)

Islam and Ecology

National Council of Churches

National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Program

National Religious Partnership for the Environment

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology