better business challenge

CABBC_logo_PrintVersionThe 2013-2014 Better Business Challenge officially kicked off in September!

The Challenge is a friendly competition aimed at helping businesses up their efficiency game!  At the heart of the Challenge is an online scorecard structured to help businesses take stock of their baseline and performance in six key areas (Energy, Transportation, Water, Waste, Purchasing, Innovation and Leadership); set goals for improvements and benchmarks for success; and take credit for those achievements as they are implemented until May 2014.

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Know of a central Virginia business that you think should join the Challenge? Print out this flyer and take it to them.

Find out about the success of the first Better Business Challenge (2011-2012) and the 100+ businesses that participated.

New this Challenge: Energy Benchmarking Tool

For the 2013-2014 Better Business Challenge, we have created a very simple and easy energy benchmarking tool that will help give your business an general idea of how you are using energy….if you are average, wasting energy, or efficient…this will be compared to a similar building uses to your own in the Southeast.

You only need three inputs:

1. Building Use (easy…office, retail, lodging, medical, etc.)

2. Square Footage of your building/space

3. Total annual energy bill (preferable broken out by gas and electric but breakout not totally necessary).

Using the CBECS data (2003 Commercial Building Energy Survey data from the US Energy Information Administration) and general rules of thumb, it will estimate annual savings potential, energy efficiency project estimates to get those savings, payback, and potential added value to your building for lowering energy costs.  It will give you a rough idea of where your space stands and can be useful in showing your staff and leadership the value of energy efficiency.  A next step would be to have a LEAP contractor will come provide more accurate assessments.

Access the Energy Benchmarking Tool here.