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Get a Home Energy Check-Up performed by LEAP. Available only to Dominion Virginia Power customers for, you’ll get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, the advice of one of LEAP’s Energy Coaches, and installation of energy efficient products such as CFL lightbulbs, smart power strips, pipe insulation, door weatherization (as appropriate for your home) and more — plus a checklist of additional energy saving measures for your home.

The Home Energy Check-Up costs $45 (price may vary depending on campaign and location), but is valued at up to $250 in savings, products, and professional advice.

Available only to Dominion customers. 

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  • Learn more about the Products and Services available as part of every LEAP Check-Up.
  • Available only to Dominion customers. All homes must be single-family residential and side-by-side condos or townhomes. Stacked condos and townhomes, as well as apartments, mobile homes, and homes built after 2009 do not qualify for this program.
  • Neighborhood associations, PTOs/PTAs and other community organizations are invited to participate and get a $10 donation for each Check-up in their area.
  • Be a “Champion for Day.” Pick a day, organize 3 of your neighbors to get a Check-up on the same day as you, and we’ll make a special trip. Plus, the Check-up of your own house will be free.
  • These Energy Coaches will schedule your Check-up in a two-hour block, though most take less than 90 minutes.


“My LEAP Energy Coach was very thorough in his Check-Up of my home.  He gave me many helpful suggestions for making my home more energy efficient.  They were all practical and doable.  He also provided me with names of LEAP partners who could help me with the work.  Especially helpful were the CFL bulbs and energy-saving powerstrips he installed.” — Annabel G

“When I bought my 1967 home in Reston a few years ago, I knew that it would need a lot of upgrades. Having the LEAP Home Energy Check-Up was a great way to get professional advice. I took four pages of notes! I really appreciated how the Energy Coach helped me to prioritize which items to budget for first. He also identified lots of small DIY things that I could start doing immediately with simple caulk and tape. Before leaving, he installed a smart energy strip, 9 CFL bulbs, 2 low flow shower heads, 2 faucet aerators, and insulation around my water heater pipes.” — Katie Shaw, Nature Center Manager/Friends of Reston


The value of this package is estimated at up to $250 in goods, savings, and professional advice, but because LEAP is a Participating Contractor in the Dominion Home Energy Check-up program our price to homeowners is only $45. Certain restrictions apply. Contact us for details. Visit www.dom.com/hec-terms to view the Terms and Conditions for the Home Energy Check-Up program. Visit www.dom.com/hec-faq to view some frequently asked questions.

*Free for Solarize NOVA, $20 for Solarize Charlottesville,