LEAP’s Governance Board

Bill Prindle, ChairBill portrait 2010
Vice President, ICF International

“National leaders recognize that energy efficiency is the ‘first fuel in the race for a sustainable energy future.’ But like any energy source, efficiency needs infrastructure—pipelines, powerlines, etc.—to get it delivered. LEAP is a model for that infrastructure: LEAP’s expert staff, its contractor network, its education and outreach, its financing tools are the pipelines and the powerlines that bring efficiency to homeowners and organizations. For these reasons, it’s vital that LEAP remain a strong and capable organization for Virginia’s communities.”




Ann Mallek, Vice Chair
County of Albemarle Board of Supervisors

“The LEAP board has provided an education for me into operations of our energy companies, large and small. LEAP facilitates concrete, local steps to reducing our nation’s energy consumption, achievable by every home and business owner over time. The cooperative effort of the City, County, and University truly achieves much more than we could accomplish alone.”




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Bob Lazaro, Treasurer
Director, Regional Energy Planning
Northern Virginia Regional Commission

“LEAP serves as a national model in sustainability with its programs linking energy efficiency and renewable energy. I am proud to serve an organization which is making a positive impact for families that live in the community and the environment.”




danielleDanielle Byrnett
Supervisor, Better Buildings Residential Programs
U.S. Department of Energy

“LEAP’s successes with community outreach and market-based approaches to bringing energy, environmental, and economic benefits to the multiple localities it serves are undeniably impressive. Through a trail blazing path of partnerships and innovation focused on transforming the market and delivering energy efficiency for years to come, LEAP has earned a distinct place among frequently cited models of successful and strategic organizations in the energy efficiency field.”





Catherine Powers
Vice President of Forecasting and Member Services,
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

“ODEC is excited to have LEAP as an energy efficiency program partner.  This partnership will allow our Member Cooperatives and their members access to quality programs.”






David Slutzky
Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, Founder of Skeo Solutions and Fermata LLC

“The Charlottesville/Albemarle area is well positioned to provide leadership to the nation with respect to energy retrofits. Our real estate market has demanded greater energy efficiency in newly constructed homes, and our contractor community has responded with their own commitment to this goal. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish with LEAP leading the way.”



Bob Fenwick
City Council Member
City of Charlottesville


Susan King
External Affairs Representative
Dominion Virginia Power


Kristel Riddervold (ex officio)
nvironmental Sustainability Manager
City of Charlottesville