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LEAP is your one-stop-shop for who to call, what to do, and how to pay for it when you’re looking to imporove the energy performance of your home or other building.

Check out our 2010-2015 First Five Years Report.

2010-2015 Annual Report

Homeowners in central and northern Virginia struggling with high energy bills or uncomfortable homes and business owners seeking to cut energy costs come to LEAP to take advantage of our certified contractor network, third-party guidance and quality assurance, and special rebates and loans to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades affordable.

Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, LEAP is a nonprofit energy services organization with a mission to lead the effort in local communities to implement clean energy technologies in buildings to promote cost savings for families and businesses, job creation, energy self-reliance, local economic development, and the mitigation of climate change. LEAP’s alliance model is a community-based, public-private partnership.

Our programs help local governments meet their carbon emission reduction targets, improve the affordability and durability of our businesses and neighborhoods, and stimulate local economies through job creation and retention. Energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy upgrades benefit the local economy by enabling residents to keep their dollars local, instead of spending all of their hard-earned money on utility bills.

To that end, LEAP

  • offers credible programs, such as the Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and Dominion Virginia Power’s Home Energy Check-ups and Energy Share weatherization program,
  • helps communities go solar with our Solarize programs that offer bulk purchasing discounts and a streamlined process for homeowners and businesses to install solar panel systems,
  • gives workshops on energy efficiency and renewables,
  • provides low cost, in-home energy evaluations, and
  • performs third party quality assurance inspections of energy improvements to ensure they meet our published program guidelines.

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“When I was asked to serve on the LEAP Board, I agreed but I wasn’t sure to expect. I knew that they were advocates for energy efficient homes, but I wasn’t converted. I decided to go through the process to understand the value of LEAP to the community. After experiencing first-hand the whole process, I felt like a six week old kitten. My eyes were opened! I discovered LEAP can save homeowners and the business community several thousand dollars over a short period of time; provide work for our local contractors and jobs for our citizens; and help to conserve energy both to businesses and homes.” Duane Snow, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, former LEAP Governance Board member

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